Polyphony of the northern Netherlands

Sunday 20 November 2022
Eendrachtskapel, Eendrachtsstraat 95, 3012 XH Rotterdam

Polyphony of the northern Netherlands

Cappella Gabrieli sings polyphony of the northern Netherlands, from classical Flemish polyphony to early baroque.

Manchicourt (1510-1564) worked in Tours and Tournay, among others, before taking charge of the Flemish Chapel of Philip II in Madrid. Endless melodies in a very dense fabric in which the text is almost lost.Beautiful nonetheless.

The style of Lassus (1532-1594) has always been much more open. His Lamentations are very transparent and modest in scope. Contemplation is clearly the intended effect here.

Finally, Tu es Petrus by Palestrina (1525-1594); if there is one piece that shows the transition from classical polyphony to the baroque, it is this one. Beautifully intertwined lines that are nevertheless subject to rhetorical principles. One rarely hears these principles, which appear difficult to combine, united thus naturally.