Cappella Gabrieli - Rotterdam Choir

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Old music from England, Belgium and France
Sat 21 september 2019 / 0400pm, Ouderkerk a.d. IJssel
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Cappella Gabrieli is a chamber choir composed of experienced singers, conducted by Maarten Michielsen, and gives three to four concerts each year.

Capella Gabrieli

Photo: Marion Smits, 27 June 2015 (hi-res)

Cappella Gabrieli specialises in early music - polyphonic renaissance and baroque music (Bach, Palestrina, Tallis, Lassus, Gesualdo), but also branches out to older (Machaut) and newer music (Mozart, Britten, Schönberg, Distler).

Thank you for your touching, inspiring and heartwarming performance [...]. Rarely has music touched me so much. - June 2015 concert attendee

I have listened to many different professional recordings of this work, but with the way you do it, it continues to captivate. That is partly because of your attention to expressing the text and through your collective musicianship. - June 2015 concert attendee

The chamber choir originated as Koorproject Rotterdam, one of the first project choirs in the Netherlands, with more than 30 years’ history.

Cappella Gabrieli currently consists of around twenty mixed singers who rehearse every Sunday in the central-Rotterdam church Het Steiger. If you would like to join, please contact us. We are especially keen to hear from tenors and basses.

Am so happy I was there… Beautiful sound, articulation, interpretation, I enjoyed it […] Thankyouthankyou and congratulations! - September 2016 concert attendee

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