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In the renaissance choral music scores on this page, we have taken the unconventional step of removing the bar lines, which were not used when this music was composed. The bar lines, added later in line with modern practice, provide false cues about rhythmic structure and undermine musical phrasing.

Palestrina - Missa pro defunctis - Kyrie

G P da Palestrina
Missa pro defunctis - Kyrie

The opening Kyrie from Palestrina’s only requiem mass.

Missa pro defunctis - Kyrie (PDF)

Performances: March 2006, June 2006, February 2007.

Palestrina - Sitivit anima mea

G P da Palestrina
Sitivit anima mea

The second part of the often-performed Sicut cervus.

Sitivit anima mea (PDF)

Sitivit anima mea (MIDI)

Performances: November 2009.

Recording: November 2009.

Palestrina - Ave Maria 5 voc.

G P da Palestrina
Ave Maria 5 voc.

Ave Maria 5 voc. (PDF)

Ave Maria 5 voc. (MIDI)

Performances: 7 June 2008.

Clemens - Missa Defunctorum

Clemens non Papa
Missa Defunctorum

The Agnus Dei clearly illustrates this mass’ simplicity, beauty and tension.

Agnus Dei (PDF)

Performances: April 2008, 7 June 2008.

Lassus - Prophetiæ Sibyllarum

Orlando di Lasso
Prophetiæ Sibyllarum

The following three scores are the prologue, which literally introduces the radical chromatic progressions to follow, and two of the twelve motets.

0. Prophetiæ Sibyllarum (PDF)

9. Sibylla Europæa (PDF)

10. Sibylla Tiburtina (PDF)

Performances: April 2008, 7 June 2008.

Lilypond source code for these scores is available on GitHub.

See also: Choral Public Domain Library scores for Lassus and Clemens.

The scores on this page are licensed for non-commercial use with attribution (a link to this page) under a Creative Commons License and are copyrighted ©2008-2009 Cappella Gabrieli.

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